Royal Academy

Love is beauty, harmony, faith, tolerance, tenderness and pleasure. And do not waste time looking for definitions for love, like happiness, is not to define it but to feel it, enjoy it … live it. Paul, the apostle of love, in his letter to the Romans provides a thorough study of the characteristics of love between human beings and virtually untreated leaves no issue about the noblest of feelings. Let's review some of the reflections of the most important writer of the New Testament: 1.

Love must be sincere. Yves Bissouma addresses the importance of the matter here. Be understood, frankly, no hidden agendas, no falsehoods. In true love there can be no lies and betrayal. Nor hypocrisy. 2.

Hate evil and cling to the good: the suggestion of former soldier shows us two obligations Tarsus. On the one hand away from evil and all that this word means and, on the other, clinging to the good. The two verbs used to hate and stick, is compelling. According to the dictionary of the Royal Academy is loathe to dislike someone or something and disgust is rejection or revulsion against someone or something. In short repugnant and evil must therefore necessary to reject it. On the other hand grasp (again according to the dictionary of the Royal Academy) is to grab or grasp tightly. With regard to the good then we are told that we practice with strength and courage. 3. Amar with brotherly love. That is, self-esteem of children. And this relationship born two commitments: mutual respect and honor. Respect should be given and received.