Recommendations On Training Puppy

As well as vaccination or other vital animal welfare, education is one of the duties of man towards the dog from the moment he leads her into the house. This deposit is not only harmonious cohabitation with an animal, but also its successful socialization. Buy an animal is not difficult, it is difficult to teach. Despite existing contradictory opinions, puppy training should start from a very early age, when its ability to learn is greatest. The ability of pups to learn different and depends on their individual characteristics.

But all the kids, without exception, is required much time for sleep, because they are very fragile beings. Always be attentive to them and treat them with respect to the rhythm of life, and be lenient to the natural inclinations of their young age. Puppy loves to play. Use this to train your pet without any coercion easy exercise, which he will perform with gusto. Education must be performed in stages. Little puppy is hard to concentrate, so you should not engage with it more than 3 times per day and more than 5 minutes, otherwise it will sweat. Gradually, the classes can be increased, and by 6 months of age, you can do with your pet for about 30 minutes a day.

Your puppy will need to show the world (a trip to transportation, contact with humans and other animals). Praise and severity are very effective in training your pet. Encouraging increased interest in the assignment. To reward to be effective, it should be meaningful. The owner should be encouraged dog affection, kindness. Should not be used often treats as they should be for the dog a higher degree of encouragement. When teaching your puppy commands should be simple, short and oft repeated. Do not forget that the dog understands the first tone, but not the meaning of words. Source: (Buying and selling of pets) board of Vladivostok. Accommodation Unlimited announcements of buying and selling animals