Professional Growing Spreaders

The crisp cold temperatures at a glance – sprinkle roads and large areas quickly in winter winter service spreaders after mild Christmas now come in almost all parts of Germany. Even in the shallower regions, it can be often already smooth, because the soil freezes at night and any precipitation is to the slide for pedestrians and cars, so that only a rapid spreading of the winter service helps. Also the first snowfalls are now in the lower regions to watch and just professional winter service provider for the frosty time should prepare and obtain appropriate winter service attachments. The typical tasks of the winter service are eliminating the snow on the one hand, but at the same time the surfaces should permanently be freed from the ice. Done usually by a spreading of the roads and paths with grit.

What can be done in small areas well by hand, is on larger surfaces or in the regular usage to time-consuming task, so for the professional Winter service mounted spreaders are used. With the right attachments scattered, large surfaces (such as e.g. parking) or roads are quickly and efficiently with grit and again marketable. The types of litter attachments for the professional service of winter are manifold and depend on the vehicle, with the growing spreaders should be used. E.g. spreaders for trucks are used for trucks. This forklift truck spreaders are often called run-on spreaders, which are attached to the fork stacker are attracted by motor trucks.

The wheels of the spreaders for trucks at the same time stimulate the spreading mechanism and ensure achieve a spreading width of up to 12 m. Alternatively, hydraulic or electric electric spreaders to the usage, which used the tow and have no own wheels come to the subsequent run based as Stacker spreaders. In this type of farming tax for fork lift trucks, the drive of the hydraulic works of the Truck or the on-board electronics and spreading widths of up to 10 m are achieved. No forklift available is also Pick-Ups or SUV are in the professional winter service used. With a snow blade and a growing spreaders also SUV, Jeep and Pick-Up are equipped to the perfect Assistant in snow and ice. Otherwise as the stacker spreaders no trailing scattering are available for Pick-Up, etc. because these vehicles drive usually too fast to work with trailing scattering devices. Growing spreader for use, which are mounted on the clutch are therefore primarily for jeeps, SUV and Pick-Up.