Practical Stack Chairs

Furnishing solutions for Office, events, training courses and conferences must meet chairs for mass events in addition to the comfortable seats, in particular a purpose, they must be stackable. Read more here: Marc Lautenbach. The compact storage of chairs is an important criterion for each Organizer. The Schultz GmbH & co. KG offers a wide range of high quality stacking chairs. From simple stack chairs tubular steel, with split seat and back shell in Beech plywood, alternatively from coloured plastics, an upholstered Chair with armrests.

The carriages are exclusively due to the stability of formed and welded steel tube, the seat and backrest shells mainly in Beech plywood, padded to the part, fabrics, (up to 100,000 rubs, on request also according to B1 fireproof), or leather. The wood shells with laminate surface coatings are a new trend in different decors. The models can be stacked up to 15 pieces and with practical Chair carts are transported. Also here respects the company Schultz on universal usability of the Chair cart; because of the extra wide wheel plates, all common models can be transported. The various stack Chair models can be supplied with connectors of rows of and can be so to any long rows of seats. A property, especially at major events, such as lectures, measurement or the theatre is in demand.

The focus is especially on the quality and origin of the steel pipes and wooden bowls is the selection of materials for the stack, upholstery or visitor chairs. So for example all processed timber products come from sustainably managed forests and are certified accordingly. For meetings and small conferences, the Schultz GmbH & co. KG in addition to tables provides various upholstered Chair models. The prospective buyer can choose between models with and without armrests. Love also cantilever used to the lecturing, as they provide an extremely comfortable seats and support a relaxed atmosphere. Office swivel chairs are available; the simple eight-hour task Chair-Executive Chair with Synchro-mechanism, armrests and headrests. The roles of office swivel chairs are supplied as an alternative for soft and hard floors free of charge. The padding is equivalent to today’s technical standards. Fabrics can be chosen depending on the desired color and durability even in the online shop of the Schultz GmbH & co. KG and combined. More information under: stuehle/stapelstuehle/stapelstuhl-11.php address Schultz GmbH & co. KG Nicolas Schultz Rommerzer Strasse 42 36119 Neuhof 06655 96660 company description that Schultz GmbH & co. KG is a family-owned company with a 113-year-old tradition. Founded in Pomerania in 1898 as a steam saw-mill, the company has its headquarters in Hesse today. The production plant is located in Neuhof, near Fulda. Here are Office and operating equipment such as tables, chairs, cabinets made from wood-based materials and steel as well as bunk beds and accessories.