Personal Customer

It is thankful and it fires. It does not give the coasts for the customer. To leave clearly that it was a pleasure and to feel the will to be at that moment. Debtor for the visit? He has a good day, late, night; He makes use of our services? We will wait its return personal Presentation: Personal hygiene; Accessories; Clothes; We use the 5 sensible ones: The language of the body? The personal appearance? Verbal message? Style of communication: First contact; Not lazy elegant and discrete? To use to advantage the time (objective, insinuante, confident)? It must see ability; Property: it knows what this speaking and already also bought the product; Credibility: confidence in you; The behavior of the salesman: Sensitivity: to perceive the state of spirit of the customer; Intuition; Creativity; Strong arguments; Patience; Persistence; Calm; Auto motivation; Auto training; Coherence and logic; To generate advantages (gain-it earns)? Vision without action does not pass of a dream; Action without vision is alone a pastime; Vision with action can change a world; Body speaks; Professional position; Adequate behavior; Presentation; To look at; Vocabulary; Tone of voice (speed, tune, emphasis); Clothes; Smile; Courtesy and pontualidade; Types of customers: Detalhistas; Ccomplishing; Emotivas; Creative; Passer-by; Olhante; Incoming; Comprante; Recomprante? Recomendante. Verbal customers: Humorado well; Important/the presumptuous one; Been silent; Shy; Briguento; Little clarified; Seducer; Prevented; I criticize; Known; Anxious? Adiador; Antagonist; Curious; Exaggerated; Hard bread. Not verbal: Appearance; Auditory; Sinestsico; To gain confidence (consulting, lawyer, relationship); Ethics; (it gains x earns); To negotiate and to manage objections; To make to perceive the harvested benefits and the value of the R$ of the customer and how much it saved or bought well. Characteristics: To keep self-control and patient; Mental security, persistence, capacity to solve problems; To express well, to communicate and to make questions; To bring up to date (characteristic of the offered product, and distinguishing benefits; To listen to and to perceive what it insinuates; As to influence of positive form; To search alternatives when it will have price change; Sense of chance: when and as to make offers against-you offer; To accept suggestions, flexible for alternatives; To have adequate perception: when to identify problems; Capacity to project action for the closing.