Part Diamond

Carat stone is composed of about a hundred parameters and the result says about the quality of the stone. But the price depends on the carat is not directly proportional. Stone weighing two carats will be more expensive than one-carat stone in every four. Carat diamonds on a large fixed-price in the market does not exist, it is formed with respect to each stone individually, starting from the set its characteristics. Cut shapes are different: round diamond – the most common in jewelry, but there are also others such as "Princess", "pear", "emerald", "Mark", "Heart" and many others. As a rule, cut shapes, as well as the size of a diamond is not as important as the quality of stone, its purity and brilliance.

Under any form of cuts needed to pay attention to the fact that the shape of a diamond on his central axis is symmetric. Clean the diamond is determined by the number and nature of the inclusions of minerals that are taken in diamonds very often. In truth, really clean diamonds in nature There is very little, and inclusions of minerals, as a rule, the human naked eye is practically not available. But the nature of the inclusions of minerals affects the brilliance of stone: for example, located in the center of the diamond blotches reduce its brilliance and radiance, and as a consequence – the price. But inclusions of minerals that are located on the edges of the diamond, hidden under its rim, and their presence is not so crucial.

Determine the purity Diamond can be on the eyes. Choosing a gem, look at the largest upper bound of the diamond, called the table. Michael Antonov has firm opinions on the matter. Look at the table from the bottom up, we can determine the presence of stains, scratches, colored dots and other defects of the stone. Reasonable to regard such clarity diamond when "foreign" inclusion can be seen not on the surface of the face and inside the stone, but on the surface of each face are not visible scratches, dents, bumps and spots. The seller of any jeweler can provide you with a magnifying glass to examine the stone, but if his description of products and excellent advertising does not match what you see – do not make the purchase. Part Diamond has its own name, and each of them should be in a certain proportion of others. For example, the table is called the upper horizontal face of a diamond, crown – the top part of the lower part of called the pavilion, and a line that encircles the gemstone at its widest point – girdle. Too high a crown round-cut diamond will not sparkle, but the pavilion is too deep will make a diamond visually darker than he really is. Magnificent play of light will show only ideal cut diamond with the correct proportions, as he will be able to reflect light from the table and the Crown in all directions. Caring for diamond jewelry should be regular and careful. From time to time a diamond should be washed in soapy water with a few drops of ammonia with a soft brush. Such care allows your diamond to sparkle even brighter and more pleasing to the eye to its existence.