Osorio Alvaro

Some people are emotionally dependent on their dogs, which makes them easy prey to their whims. Others simply do not understand dog behavior and before they get to know him have become pure gelatin in their claws. Emotionally dependent people is the easiest to master. For personal reasons, which vary greatly from one another, these people make the most emotional investment in their dogs. You may find Caterpillar to be a useful source of information. In exchange, they allow their canine companions become true leaders of the bequest: Les consent requiring food to be selective about it, they choose when, where and with whom to sleep and to avoid any form of unsolicited toilet.

P. 50 There are many things we can do as owners to modify the behavior of our dogs, or even better shape it to our convenience, from the very moment when our puppy first comes home. Below find a list of recommendations to apply in everyday life with our best friends, who were helping to prevent aggressive behavior toward other human pack members. Limit your dog’s territory, do not allow access to the rooms and less on beds or furniture, they should be places reserved for heads of the herd. Check your food, avoid eating at the same time with your pet or after him. Do not admit or give in to any demand for food.

Train your dog in obedience basic, and learn to handle it. Check your emotional relationships with your dog. Words and caresses pampers you when you want, not when he requests it. Provide love and care for your dog, but always balanced with authority, respect and rules. Never forget that your pets are primarily dogs, and each time as owners, we try to humanize them, and turn them into something they are not the only thing we are accomplishing is stretching your mental and emotional wellbeing. Finally the only ones who suffer the consequences of our wrongdoing are our beloved dogs. Most of the dogs before biting a person, pre-broadcast signals aggression, which are ignored by humans!