Mens Clothing Donato

Men's Shirts Line Donatto traditional cut are made of high quality shirt fabrics consisting of 80% of their cotton. 20% of the amount of polyester fiber or other synthetic fibers, which give the fabric more abrasion resistance, improve its elasticity, reduce creases. Business style (business traditional) – the most traditional and well-established over time a style clothing business. It includes a conservative suit-deuce in the shades gray scale, the classic men's shirt (or one-color stripes, at least in a cage) subdued colors, silk necktie with a traditional pattern. Other variants of this style is not assumed.

As outerwear is usually used Crombie coat, raincoats, trench coats and jackets in a simple direct raincoat fabrics. Business (business casual) – an informal business style – a free, casual look – a jacket, blazer, unbusinesslike Suit combined with a less formal shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, etc. As a rule, no tie, or tie nontraditional (knitting, wool, linen, etc.). Summer linen, silk, cotton and other costumes usually include this standartu.Biznes- acceptable in those companies where the dress code is not very strict. In this case, taken together with the costumes to wear suits with pants, a man's shirt to replace thin knits.

These jackets are usually separate made from tweed fabrics, including the color (beige-brown or brown-marsh gamma) and combined with the gray flannel. Business style of travel (Business travel) – a suit for business and travel. "Road" suit should maintain the shape and not wrinkle at all times, so here are allowed considerable synthetic additives in the fabric of the costume, giving it elasticity and resilience to deformation, or crepe weave fabric, makes it virtually nesminaemoy. During the trip the main rule is – do not dress for the trip, but for the place where the person goes. In other wardrobe for travel is chosen in such a way as to was to create a maximum number of combinations of the minimum things.