Medical Legal Institution

In Dumb law of the Favela, nobody saw or knows nothing and at least the identification of the victim is gotten in the place. Some commentaries are: ‘ ‘ Ah, if daqui was people, I knew That the mother of it cries ‘ ‘ ; among others, that nothing they would serve of consolation for the sad one constatao, plus a young, perhaps adolescent, will be part of the statistics of one of the biggest epidemics of the great centers, that is the urban violence. In this half time, it leans a black and white and of it they go down two investigators and the commission agent, almost a boy, but recognized as being the well cut authority for the tender one. The connoisseurs had not yet arrived, certainly would be busy in occurrences that in appearing all at the same time. The commission agent is received with pipes the side for the military policemen. They talk some thing and after that the commission agent looks at for the body. It takes a scare when seeing the knife in the victim he removes and it quickly. At this moment the commission agent is alerted by one old investigator, that says: ‘ ‘ Dr., the skill not yet arrived ‘ ‘ The commission agent comes back to cravar the knife in the wound and after that it tries, in go, to obtain information on what it happened or who is the victim with the popular ones.

Thus, the time goes passing until the arrival of the connoisseurs of Medical Legal Institution. It photographs daqui from there, connoisseur make notations, the body are revisited in document search or same of weapons and drugs, the knife is removed and apprehended and ready! The bureaucratic work of attendance in plus a case of murder of unknown authorship is made. Almost one month later, a finding of the IML is directed for the Sector of Homicides and left in the table of the commission agent. In the envelope it is written: The commission agent starts to read the document and verifies that it is the finding of the death of the youngster in the slum quarter. Among others consideraes techniques, one is distinguished: the connoisseur tells ‘ ‘ the victim was reached with ‘ dois’ perforate-cutting object blows and we evidence that the knife apprehended in the place is the weapon of the crime, being that the victim died to the being reached for blow, that reached it the lung ‘ ‘ The commission agent its cold and until thinks about asking for transference or transferring the straps that were in the mission, but together with gives up and piles up the case hundreds of others under inquiry. It would come back to sweat cold with the case to to receive, two months later, the anonymous linking of an informing presumption, saying: ‘ ‘ It commands, I am not cagueta, but it runs here in the slum quarter that was a policy commission agent that the joined vagabond here in the stream ‘ ‘ They say that still today the such commission agent trembles when hearing to speak in and it still its icecream when its team is called for a probable place of murder.