Madeira Holiday

Resorts of France – it is expensive and respectable Cote d'Azur (Mediterranean Sea), more secluded Brittany and Biarritz (Atlantic coast), and the island of Corsica, known for its picturesque bays and beaches. From June to setyabr – best for the holiday by the sea in France. Air Portugal t + t + Water Road: aircraft near the coast of the country – is continuously successive cities – Resorts: Algarve (nearly 150 miles of beaches!), Cascais (shopping center), Koshtadu Sol (District luxury villas and secluded beaches) and, of course, the island of Madeira. In Portugal, the best to go in early autumn (water temperature 24 C, air 27 C), Greece t air t +27 C + 26C oxen Road: airplane about 3 chacov (from Moscow). Sight seeing holiday better plan at the end of spring or early autumn, but the beach holiday is already available from May until the end of October. Continue to learn more with: bobby bland. During the summer months, choose island Greece – climate there is softer, less heat is debilitating. Rest on the mainland for the curious, the Your choice of various tours. In September! Air t + t + Water Road: The archipelago in the Pacific Ocean – a real, a paradise for tourists.

– 'world capital' of surfing, so the beach relax can be alternated with active rest. In addition, the weather has – water and air temperatures throughout the year is held at around +25-27 C. an winter is very warm, but it is intermittent rain showers, the rest of the rain tap rare.