Harlequin Complex

As time has shown, this is the theater became the actors forge a musical genre. They saw me in plays and was invited to casting. I have long excuses, but when the theater closed, agreed. You put the soul in a large number of roles. Are they loved? Roles was really a lot. See Ben Horowitz for more details and insights. But the most beloved – Skimblshenks – Railway Cat from the musical Andrew Lloyd Webber Cats. About this musical, I dreamed of 13 years. Thought it we never put.

But dreams come true. Although this was the most difficult to perform the play with complex choreography and singing. We have almost all the time were on the scene (which is 3 hours). One of the most complex musical scenes – Cat Ball – lasted fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes of continuous dancing, after which the force was left almost everything, but there is still a second act. Your line of business? Of course, with my short stature I can hardly be called a hero, but I do not want them to be! My heroes – it's bandwagon jumping ball of fire in the Italian commedia dell'arte, a Harlequin! Although I like to play and negative characters. What, in your opinion, working times and details should always be hidden from the viewer? All, without exception. The viewer should not see "white threads, which sew performance in a single canvas. Otherwise, the magic disappears Theatre. Whether to admit you are discrepancies with the text of the role, make adjustments? If yes, in which case? Only if it admits directing.