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Particulate air pollution increases the risk for cardiovascular disease due to vascular calcification and noise damages hearing doctors of the West German of heart centre Essen have evaluated a long-term study with 4,800 residents of the Ruhr area. The results show that particulate matter and noise significantly increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. In addition, there are more people who hear badly, as in less densely populated regions in metropolitan areas. This appears to be a result of the continuous noise. But not only the noise in places, also the noise in offices can make sick, especially at work, concentration, creativity and accuracy require. Especially night noise, but even inhaling small particles to 2.5 microns calcification and hardening of the aorta in connection to, the responsible cardiologist Hagen Kalsch in the run-up to a Congress of the European society of Cardiology in Rome said.

At the Congress, he presented first results. Tiny particles, some time in the air hovering are fine dust. You can come from natural or from sources created by people. In urban areas the road traffic and the industry considered main causes for fine dust loads. The fine particles occur in diesel soot, tire wear or in exhaust gases from industry, power plants and heating systems. The inhalation of particulate matter is harmful to health.

The WHO (World Health Organization) based on studies had previously demonstrated the increased incidence of respiratory and cardiovascular disease with high concentrations of fine dust. Moreover, the sustained noise affects also the hearing. Hearing loss evolved gradually and often suffer noise regardless of whether the volume become perceived as pleasant or disturbing. Doctors advise to conscious noise breaks. According to the Hannover medical school, there would be about 15 million people, suffering from a hearing loss to be treated in Germany. In each Age were affected of approximately 20 percent. According to the Association of German occupational physicians and company doctors noise is the greatest ill in the profession. The so-called noise hearing loss is still the most common recognized occupational diseases. In Germany, four to five million workers in their workplace were exposed hazardous noise exposure. Interestingly, not only employed in the industry and in the construction industry are endangered. It was also modern office concepts such as for example the trend towards open-plan office has helped spur this development. The Association warned of this development. According to the volume in the Office below the usual guidelines can lead to stress. According to the noise in groups – and open-plan offices where the volume below the usual values were, not hearing harmed. However, could they become burdens, which have serious consequences. Even at work, concentration, Creativity and accuracy required, call forth in the Office often the noise stress reactions. This stress of course negatively affects the performance and the psychological well-being of employees. To relax body and mind, sleep not enough. If even a too intensive sound over headphones in addition to the environmental noise level, that can damage the hearing cells. Under certain circumstances, this then leads to Presbycusis. What is to be done it? You should incorporate noise breaks into the daily flow. Such integrated noise breaks preserve health. Actually, you should seek the silence from time to time just time deliberately. Micha Weissbrodt Barbara Reisen E.k..