Ego – Deushomo/Rainer Sauer

As long as we are demonising the ego function negativieren, cooking, we can indulge us not our natural individuality process. To know more about this subject visit Gemma Arterton. The term ego has been suffering in the past very, that he was increasingly equated social behavior, with a destructive self employment and a common aspiration of the individual against the well-being of the community with selfishness, un. The image of an enemy is, this has resulted at the same time showing the ego as an adversary even residing in us, we make the sole responsibility for this, that we have a lack of social dealings with each other, that our spiritual growth is retarded and Lastly, we learn separation as such. Our meistverbreitsten current performance according to the ego is a kind of disease that we have to cure a plague, which of course has nothing to do with us and that we missbrauChen as the universal scapegoat for all those things which we would withdraw our personal self-responsibility. Due to the influence mostly Eastern thoughts good, which is generally so much good to win off, its undeniable Kostbarkeit but mostly unconsciously was diminished by ignorance and its inherent information interpreted thus also often so distorted the opinion has consolidated itself, that our ego must die to our higher to ensure development. This certainly has its relevance in the ancient texts or in the mystical practices. So, there is a link, where the death of the ego makes sense if necessary if you correctly interpreted the concept of ego and also dying as such looks in the right light and selbstverstandLich all this is a consciously free Act, just a list of our consciousness. In our latitudes has however an extremely unfavorable, rigid image of the whole result, which was torn from the context and interpreted by us in such a way, as it just sometimes allowed our Western-oriented capacity and now this self-initiated dilemma caught us almost no constructive margin more leaves. .