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From the as particularly dirty toilets evaluated WCs, selects which 00 zero zero give a complete makeover. Forsa survey of toilet hygiene in restaurants: a representative forsa survey zero carried null WC fresh seal on behalf of 00 from August 21 to 24, total 504 citizens aged 18 and over were interviewed by phone titled “Toilet hygiene in Germany’s bars, pubs, restaurants and Cafes”. “” Here the results: clean and hygienic perfect catering-toilets are a must for almost all federal citizens: 81 percent of those surveyed, it is very important “and another 16 percent important” that the washrooms and toilets in restaurants, Cafes, bars and pubs are clean and hygienic. Only two percent say that they place less value in dining on clean toilets. Almost every second German citizen pays attention when choosing a Club on the State of the toilets: 47 percent visit restaurants, Cafes, bars or pubs, of which they know that where clean toilets are available (versus 49 percent for which this does not matter).

Just not directly to the toilet seat set, it says for 47 per cent of respondents if they need to in bars, pubs, restaurants and Cafes on the toilet. Another 38 percent first put paper on the seat, before they take place. Only nine percent of Germans dare”it, to sit directly on the toilet seat. Generally interfere with 89 per cent of respondents visiting the toilet in cuisines of unpleasant odours. Missing toilet paper is particularly galling for 86 percent.

00 null null WC hygienically fresh fresh seal with one click: with the new toilet fresh seal sealed 00 zero zero a new era in the toilet hygiene. The innovative toilet freshener completely omitted on a plastic straws. Bacteria and dirt can no longer stick to the plastic straws and the Bowl stays hygienic fresh. Another plus: The adhesive cleaning gel of the 00 null null WC fresh seal can thanks to a practical dispenser handle without direct Skin contact in the toilet bowl are attached. Water flows over the seal, a consistent amount of gel cleansing substances with fresh scent is released. The seal shall be liable in a visually appealing form in wet and dry toilet bowl and ensures a pleasant smell between the rinses. “” 00 null null WC fresh seal is now available in the variants lime twist “and cool Arctic” available nationwide in drug stores and food retailing at a price of 3.49 (EIA). A full dispenser handle includes gel for six seal. A seal holds up to 100 flushes ( 1 week). A dispenser handle thus sufficient for up to 600 flushes ( 6 weeks). For more information on the Internet at. 00 zero zero and in bathroom and toilet everything is ok! About Qype: Qype.com (pronounced kwaip) is the recommendation Portal leader in Germany, England and France and City Magazine on the Internet. Registered members assess companies, places, and services such as petrol stations, pubs, daycare, Restaurants, attractions, doctors, animal acts, child minders and sports clubs. As business directory for all areas of life, Qype contains in addition countless reviews – by users, for users. Launched in mid-2005, Qype reaches currently over 14 million users and is present in 10 countries. “The name of Qype is composed of the terms quality” and hype “together. Press contact: Edelman GmbH, Kathrin Lamprecht, Babs Strasse 4, 22303 Hamburg Tel.: 040 / 3747 98-56 – fax: 040 / 3728 80, E-Mail: