Current Account Comparison: The Best Free Checking Account For Every Need

Offers from three of the best current account banks in the detailed comparison. The three banks, DKB (Deutsche Kreditbank Berlin), .comdirect (daughter of Commerzbank) and Norisbank have something in common: they offer a free alternative to sometimes expensive offerings from other financial institutions. But even with free checking accounts, there are big differences in the services. Filialangebot: direct banks have usually no branches, which are available for customer traffic. But here, too, there are exceptions! Because while the German credit Bank has in fact only 16 branches, is the Norisbank a “direct banking” for several years, but still has one or more stores in many cities. Here she is a lonely exception, but have to do ideally suited for people who prefer a personal consultation, or more often with cash, which they wish to deposit in your account. Also the .codirect is for deposit operations of cash some thought: can customers of the institution to each branch of the parent company Commerzbank go and here at the counter or at one of the deposit machines her comfortable and free of charge pay in cash. At the DKB, it is a little harder: here there is only the possibility to consult a branch of the Central Bank and to pay the money here for a small fee.

EC – and credit cards: you can get a credit card to virtually every checking account today unless the personal creditworthiness. Here, too, there are differences. Each customer of Deutsche credit Bank receives a real and totally free VISA card with monthly billing. This can occur on a prepaid basis and offered in such a case even an attractive interest rate of 1.65% the customer will be credited quarterly. With this card it is possible by virtually every ATM in the world to withdraw money free of charge. And up to an initial Disporahmen of 500. The debit card is recommended only for cashless payment.