Conquering the credibility of 1.Cenrio customer 3 You carried through an attendance, two weeks later the person she returns to the company and she asks for you. Is refused to carry through it the purchase with another salesman! It prefers to wait its return of the lunch and after waiting one hour, it offers a souvenir. Why, exactly after as much time, it still it remembers its name? Why it preferred to wait one hour? Why it brought a gift? 1.1.O meaning of the word Credible credibility, what if it can believe, likely, trustworthy. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jonas Samuelson offers on the topic.. The salesman who possesss credibility conquered the confidence of its customers and the admiration of its fellow workers. 1.2.Cinco steps for credibility 1 honesty 2 Security 3 Knowledge 4 Patience 5 Persistence 1.3.O customer-classification Exists a set of definitions, one in such a way how much maken a mistake, on who she is customer.

To be considered customer the natural person or legal it needs to make use of its services or already its acquired some merchandise. Which the importance of this discernment? Tip: To know where period of training a purchaser if finds is basic to conquer the credibility this sample which procedures must adopt Passers-by – Incoming People who can buy of us or of the competition – People who we want to focar to buy our mark Customers? People who already had acquired our mark and we desire its Fidelizao. Faithful customer? Loyal customer Faithful That one that likes its mark (product) and indicates for others and the Loyal one? Loyal customers will not change our products for another one of lesser value will not change our products because she had a problem with another customer will not change our products for being annoying with some change in the routine of the company. 1.4.Saiba to take the best decision Scene 4 Certain day, during the attendance to a incoming one, you perceived that its attendance had a customer waiting, beyond a stranger who had spoken with you to the telephone.