Consulate Czech Republic

For innovation in 2009 in the Czech Republic must be attributed the introduction of new service account to submit documents to the consulate through the Internet. Vizapoint system which has long and proven to be positive Consulates of other countries began to operate in some countries where there is a Czech consulate. But its installation and testing took about 6 months of the term, and it played for many wanting to go to the consulate a negative role. The Moscow branch of the Consulate Czech Republic was forced even in August to return to the recording via the phone. Consulate in Donetsk and Kiev did not take the documents to obtain a long-term visas through participation in a legal entity Czech Republic.

Consulate in Astana is working with the new system and start receiving documents from July 8, 2009. On the question of when the system will work vizapoint? the consulates can not receive any response. From the news that discussed on the sidelines of the Czech authorities should note the development of a new law on the admission of documents from the applicant in the Czech language. That is, when receiving the documents in all the Czech consulate interview and current issues in documents the applicant will be required to discuss the Czech language. Basic knowledge of Czech language will be required. This is due to the fact that the Czech authorities want to see foreigners in the Czech Republic have their own business with the knowledge Czech language, and it is correct and understandable. .