Artificial Recoverable Resource

The indiscriminate extraction or "controlled" goods of nature "raw material" is leading us towards our own destruction, both the human and the nature, essences considered by capitalism as "resources" I mean, items, or things which it uses to achieve a goal, now if there is a element can be considered as is the use Artificial Recoverable Resource (garbage or waste), its organic and inorganic characteristics allow us to establish an industrial system paralelo0 whose source is almost endless if we consider the production of this global resource. It is proven the benefits it brings recycling, and in turn, consider the added value you can provide for the procurement of goods and services that benefit us all (as). The emphasis in most countries considered poor in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Venezuela, due to its strategic situation and the growing possibility of creating a system interact shoveling human situation, economic, social and labor in each country. Mr. President, is an honor to address you and let me make this suggestion, I'm sure will be welcomed by you and considered for implementation for the good of all. Atte: Jose Collazo Homonatropica Or Labor Legislation Greens Labor articles LABOR LAW HOMONATRoPICA .- (example) The Homonatropia as part of science has its philosophical ethical principles set from the effect of work activity on the environment and in humans which has led to life into a vicious circle caused by the solutions developed within the context of the known and immediate in the context of trade and market requirements, which does not make it disappear but seeks to regulate its effects on society and the environment has been left out alternatives with little chance of return of capital or return on investment, the so-called non-productive activities, yet within the framework Homonatropico cultural activities and tourist amenities are essential for coexistence with nature and our fellow capable of generating economic benefits. For even more analysis, hear from Jonas Samuelson.