Agricultural Expansion

Expansion of agriculture: increasing the regional consumption of hdricos resources for irrigation, with possible conflicts of use, when the water will be scarce and already to exist other competing users. Regional pressures: come back the claims of a bigger equity in the interregional conditions of economic development, ambient quality and social welfare, pressuring the hdricos resources in the direction of the attendance of these yearnings. Technological changes: that they bring necessities you specify on the hdricos resources, on the other hand, and they make possible new constructive techniques and of use, modifying the effective situation of appropriation of these resources; these changes will be able to allow a physical increase of the protection and control, use systems, consequentemente, an increase of the abrangncia of its effect, space and secular. Social changes: bringing new types of necessities and demands, or modifying the standard of the necessities and current demands of waters. Urbanization: causing a bigger space concentration of the demands on the hdricos resources and waterproofing the ground with the consequent aggravation of urban floods. Social necessities: that they come to cause to alterations in the space standards and secular chains of the use of the hdricos resources, as well as bringing new types of demand on the water in function of the modification of the habits and customs of the society.

Ambient necessities: that they come to intensify the requirements related with the ambient quality, motivating the approval of more rigorous legislation related with waters and the ambient impacts of the use of the hdricos resources. Uncertainty of the future: permeando all these factors exist the uncertainty on when, as, where and with that intensity will occur to the necessities and mentioned demands, compelling the planner to exercise inexact exercises of futurologia. The consequence is that diverse types of necessity will have to be contemplated, a great volume of resources used, great regions will be affected in the activity of Management of Waters.