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Some companies will automatically register your website in thousands of searches for the modest sum of $ 100 and others will offer positions in Google for $ 90 a month may be a good investment but most of these companies just take their money, how correct record your site is doing it manually plus you do not have to register your site in thousands of searches only approximately 7 to 10 as these cover more than 95% of users worldwide. We talk about quality not quantity. What are the most important search engines? The following search engines and directories like many others share information, to register your website in these places appear in thousands. GOOGLE YAHOO! ALTAVISTA EXCITE HOT BOT LYCOS INFOSEEK TERRA WebCrawler AllTheWeb But “Yahoo!” is not a search engine but a directory, the difference is that the directories are thematically structured and depend on humans to index each URL, therefore discharged in a directory is a slow process, search engines use robots or spiders to automatically create playlists and present results for each search. How to register a website: If using a web site, you must first sign the form chosen. Search a button that says a Sugerir Weba , a incluir weba , Urla incluir a , add web “,” add URL “or something similar.

Then you will see a form where you fill in: Your personal data. Title: Title of your website. Description: A brief description of the contents of your website. Keyword or Keywords: Enter keywords for people to find your site, keywords are the words that relate to the content or purpose of your page. For example, if your site is related to business Online, your keywords could be: (teleworking, work from home, internet business, make money on the net, cibernegocios, etc.) Address: Enter the full URL of your website, for example This form varies from one form to another but all are similar or the same philosophy. Some search engines take up to eight weeks to include web addresses in their lists (some only days), so we must be patient.