Your role is only to open the Internet – shop, offer goods and receive checks. The idea of selling something that he has drawn in-line, very good, that’s just the ability to trade are different. Most network marketers CafePress consists of lay people who do not have a site, which in the case are glad to earn a few extra dollars, but not seriously willing to spend time and money on advertising their own products. Typically, novice traders do not realize that this type of trade (with no excess inventory and warehouse), they released the funds to create effective advertising. Of official statistics (for the first six years of existence, the company processed 2.6 million orders) that many shops CafePress at best sold one or two shirts, and probably will not sell anything (although the network is CafePress very successful stores, earning more than $ 100,000 per year). The very same CafePress, donate online market places for rent and is responsible for the production and delivery of consumer goods manufacturing, protsvetaet.Samoe the best solution – to begin to order trial products as a retail buyer without having to open the Internet – shop, to assess their capabilities, as well as shipping and quality products. An interesting idea, and taken up in RuNet. The principle of operation of the company and the site is the same: the future owner of the Internet – shop registers and selects those subjects that he was going to sell.

The range is less than the U.S., but prices are lower, and most importantly, the site Russian interface. Another analogue CafePress – service is a service Vfactory – provides a framework for the conduct of e-commerce paraphernalia and souvenirs. His specialization – shirts, caps, mugs, badges, etc. with put on them with your pictures. With Vfactory you can create and sell different products with its own design and its price.

You only need to upload pictures, create a virtual product and set its price. The production of these goods, delivering them to customers around the world – the service also takes care of itself. You manage your own shop and make a profit. But you get the profit, as well as with CafePress, only if you attract to your E-shop customers that do without investing in advertising and the availability of the site is not real. Happy trading.