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This article focuses on one of the ways to make money on the Internet, namely PTC-websites (foreign sponsors who pay for clicks). Speaking candidly More information told us the story. PTC – an abbreviation for Paid To Click, which means 'pay per click'. If you do not know what it is, then it can be briefly described as follows: You are within a certain time (20-30 seconds), browsing (or just keep open) the page and get the money for it (usually $ 0.01 per page). You can bring your friends and any other persons (hereinafter – referrals), and receive money and for their views (apart from the fact that they receive for their own, that is, they do not subtract). Number of pages on the site varies from 5 to 80. More information is housed here: Electrolux. Scanned the page you can look anew at 24 hours, which means you are viewing pages every day. The point is that there is no investment inappropriately, you only need a computer with an Internet connection and a little time.

Let's take a look at me more how to work with PTC Clicks sponsors. All sites RTS very similar to each other, the process of clear and identical everywhere. To get started, need to register on the PTC site, log in using the username and password you specified during registration. Going to the page advertising (usually View ads / Surf ads / Surf Banner) Your task is to click on your ad, and wait (20/30/45 seconds, depending on the site and an announcement.) That's all you've earned money.