Venezuelan Universities

Where there is education is distinction of no classes. Confucius Lately to national level one has come commenting on the education law where the national universities, are had pronounced on the matter, making see its disagreement with the procedures that the present government under the direction of the lieutenant colonel Cold Hugo Chavez he followed in his first instance, when a law by the end of December of the 2010 by the National Assembly was approved without to have taken for anything the opinion from the universities, which she locked up, its irregularities, its illegalities, attack against the autonomy, the absence of the analysis and importance of the educative quality, in aim, on his questioned reach and repercussions everything under a socialist ideological vision. Luckyly, president Chvez realized this bad decision and he made the assertive decision from not approving the law, sending it again to the Assembly National in order to do that its content, objective, purpose, articles, it reunites conceso of all the involved actors, within a true democracy, participation, avoiding of this form, to generate conflicts, protests, discords that at no moment favor their aspirations to postulate themselves to the re-election in the 2012. We consider that in the analysis, formulation of the new Law is considered what represents the academic quality, to look for the form like assuring that this is a reality, more before a certain fact that we know, especially those that we are in the exercise of education, that the quality of the education Venezuelan this very questioned. It is necessary, that they redefine many topics that the academic quality involves like concerning educational, training programs, update, investigation, educative management, all this in order that of passage to that academic quality arises that the present time it demands. Very certain, exactly on the matter what contributes Alexander Fertile valley Vantage point, that nobody can object the quality like objective of a project, of an institution or a program of action.