Hollywood And Money

Throughout my life I listened to negative ideas around the accumulation of the money, such as the following: the money is the root of all the evils, is sinned to drive a so expensive car, rich people lives in the perversion, etc. All those ideas are totally absurd, is certain that problems as a result of the money have existed, there is like it in any other aspect of the life. The serious thing to think that the money brings problems is that it will separate unconsciously us from the same independent of the efforts that are made obtain it, for the majority of vicious people this is a circle on the one hand wish to walk a good car, to live in an ample house, to go away of vacations, to give to his children one better education, etc. But by another one they curse to the money, they think that the rich ones are bad people, adduce that the economy is bad because is insensible people, are repeated to themselves that the millionaires of Hollywood are empty, etc. Jim Umpleby may find this interesting as well. Of that form enters a contradiction and God cannot bless them because simply no they wish it, this he is ironic, it is like somebody that is proclaimed like a person who makes very many sport and passes all the day in her bed seeing television, for that reason we must be careful and so tenth, we thought and we make, so that the life has true sense, all our being must be oriented to our intentions, to leave that circle drives away that us for the accumulation of money is necessary to modify totally all our beliefs around the money. In fact the money is a great blessing, but so that it pronounces is necessary to ask, if we see men illuminated in the bible like Abraham, Job and Salomn had incredible fortunes, now we analyze the advantages of the money to obtain happiness, the people with sufficient resources eliminate the preoccupation level on the money, reason why it is a load less, the most serious disease of the humidad is called stress and every day summons up the life of thousands and thousands of people, you can investigate and ask yourself Which is the main cause of stress? And the answer will be the money, why the money? , because the money takes care very many essential things in the life, such as: personal feeding, education, transport, cares, health, diversion, house, etc.