Twitter Models

It is that, many times our same teachers, we depart from the systematization and us direct to courses in which they are members (to earn commissions) on generating traffic through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc.; but the student has not yet learned how to make a web site, a capture page, how to generate and put a form on this web page, as directing the visitor to a page of thanks, etc. do you see what I mean, basic way, with the systematization? But for some teachers that does not matter, in both their commissions with courses that are promoting them are winning. Taking advantage of the benefits but, even if there are some problems that can be harmful to people trying to first delve into the world of internet business, not be can overlook the benefits that this medium has to develop business and it is appropriate to share some of them; and, although it won’t be the first time I read them, it will always be good to have them present when deciding to start a serious business on the internet. -Low investment. We delete, definitely, our knowledge in the area of business, any thought or theory of zero cost, for the development of a successful business on the internet. The zero cost does not exist, not even when no activity is not developed.

That is, even when we are not carrying out any activity, we are incurring costs. An asset loses value even when not used. However, the important thing here, is the fact that investment to start a business, keep it and make it produce, will almost always be less than traditional business or outside the internet, even when the latter are businesses or small businesses. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are business models online which, by its characteristics and nature, require significant investments, and at this point let me clarify, I do not mean to pay whims to the opportunists who could take advantage of people without experience. But, there are business models that, with a low investment, and adequate work may cause you a reasonable income not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term.

However, this article is not intended to expose about business models, what is discussed in other articles, reports, books and courses that you will have access. For now, it will be need you go thinking about buying your web site. No, don’t rush, is go with this in mind, in my opinion and my experience it is highly recommended, although not all think the same way. I recommend that, since already, you think your blog, which will give you lots of pleasure, even economic. See you in the next articles, in which I will try various topics related to electronic commerce and marketing on the internet, two large fields for doing business in the 21st century. And most importantly, if you want, without leaving your home.