The Difference Between The Souvenirs And Gifts

How many people – so many opinions, tastes, and predilections. (Not to be confused with Sergey Brin!). However, there is something that unites us all: we love to give and receive gifts. Perhaps the world would be hard to find a man who never gave anybody not even a small thing, at least a bouquet of flowers. According to Starbucks, who has experience with these questions. And now it comes on just these pleasant aspects of our lives. Gifts and souvenirs we have from childhood: first, toys and sweets, then books, flowers may be necessary or just nice little things able to make the holiday even more striking, meeting memorable, and altogether unforgettable trip. However, if a souvenir – it's always a gift, a gift is not always a souvenir.

The word "souvenir" comes from the French souvenir, which means "memory." Usually it is a thing that reminds of some event. Souvenirs necessarily bring travel to another city or country and is itself a subject recalls the place of vacation or work. This may be funny hack of pebbles or shells – if the trip was the sea, wood, fur, leather, ceramics – if it was to visit the settlements, famous for handicrafts. And almost any souvenir written name of the city, boarding house or place where they are located. Sometimes, as additional information indicates the month and year. However, small "memories" may have other information, such as an event. Conference, exhibitions, meetings of interest will long remain in memory if they are participants and guests will go to small functional items – t-shirt, mug, mouse pad, a calendar with the original image or inscription.

Companies that are important to their products or services to potential customers will remember, do not save on souvenirs. This is usually calendars, pens, lighters or keychains. Using these functional objects, people automatically look at the label or logo. And if there is contact information, then the likelihood that they will appeal it to the company increases significantly. In contrast to the souvenir, gift – a token of respect or gratitude. When Thus, gifts do not necessarily have to be tangible: it may be going to the theater, movies, tour or vacation outside the city. Occasions to present a gift can be set: birthday party, a professional holiday, New Year, personal acquaintance with business partners or the anniversary of working together. Successfully concluded a contract or transaction may also be marked by a business accessory, or a nice gizmos that will delight at work or at home. When choosing gift should take into account the occasion on which he presented, as well as tastes and preferences of the person to whom it was intended. Birthday as a gift to try to purchase something that the birthday has long dreamed of. Not without reason in this day wish to have fulfilled all my dreams. Gifts Valentine's Day are designed to carry a romantic mood, whether it be picture frame, photo album, a set of chocolates or