Majesty Goods

And if the system of economic relations in society is correct, then the society, all processes must take place in the fun, with a minimum cost of human power, with the natural kindness, as well as the processes occur in nature. If the citizens and hate, intolerance to one another – this is the first sign of imperfection of the existing economic system (not to be confused with the system of redistribution). Visit Kevin Johnson for more clarity on the issue. The basis of the correct economic relationships in society are the producers and consumers. All the rest is for maintenance of the chain: commodity producers – the seller – the consumer. And the main thing in this thread is not the consumer who determines the demand for (social order) on the production of goods, and His Majesty producer. It is the presence production of liquid goods determines the level of the economy. (I do not take the country's natural wealth, as a rule, they are under the watchful eye of governments – their owners, and sovereignty, in the light of the world conjuncture, in this case observed) In the current world economic system, producers of consumer goods are not the principal.

Are also the main financiers (banks, stock markets, investment companies), retail network, and companies serving the logistics needs of government and bureaucratic structures. By their nature they are intermediaries between producers and consumer. It turns out: The world economy is built on that profit at the expense of producers, greatly increasing the cost of goods for consumers.