Spacious Interior Design Studio Apartment

Even if you are not completely happy owner of one-bedroom apartment in the panel's old house, you can always find a way to make this apartment a cozy nest with an interesting interior design. You just need to Prestressing imagination, be creative and daring in making design decisions. Of course, if your financial situation allows, you can follow the path of least resistance and ask for help from a professional designers. Nowadays many design – studios are ready to take on this job. And a unique interior design studio apartment. Since one-bedroom apartment is one room, plus technical premises, then primary task is to maximize the whole area of the apartment to create the interior. For accurate counting, measurement is made of all premises and shall be drawing the original plan. Further, on the basis of information received, begins planning a new interior design is suitable for one-bedroom apartment.

The studio apartment any unoccupied space shall be functional refinement in the interior. and small closet, with a new doorway, light aerated concrete walls may be converted into the large closet. Savings and space and money, do not need furniture. And when you consider that the door to the dressing room mirror, the face and increase the visual space. For even more analysis, hear from Kevin Johnson. Another commonly used technique, the combination of the room with a kitchen, by demolishing the dividing walls. The resulting relatively large area can accommodate As a kitchen-lounge-room, kitchen – living room, will be where to set the couch or computer desk. If a family has children, then we can consider other options, using the furniture for the rooms division into zones.

Partitions in studio apartment, can be not only furniture but also sliding and pre-fabricated screens, shutters and panels. The highlight of the interior could be a vertical rotating stand with location of the new tv. Stand design allows you to watch tv, like being in a residential area, and at work in the kitchen. Very good if in a studio apartment has a balcony or loggia. Then there is the possibility of incorporation of the added area, thereby increasing the kitchen. In this case, a loggia would have thoroughly warmed. Great importance when designing an interior one-bedroom apartments attached to the proper selection and placement of furniture. Cabinets, better built, occupy less space and much more capacious hull. Sofa, always unfolding, if desired, it is easy to obtain from it a wide comfortable bed. Table to find versatile, for use in as a working and dining. Shelves, it is desirable to open, the entire wall from floor to ceiling. The correct color of the interior when you make a one-bedroom apartments allows you to visually increase the amount of space as to add a space and air. Furniture is usually chosen, respectively, also in pastel colors. On the windows light translucent, seemingly weightless, curtains.