Technical Progress

Technical progress, and this is well known in our time, is around us everywhere and in everything. In this regard, and with the history of plants for the production of concrete is related an interesting fact. Previously, this type of enterprise as a concrete batching plants, cement plants – representing a bulky build and occupy vast areas of land. A performance concrete mixing sites was relatively small. The reason for this was a constructive imperfection mixing concrete. In the time they took a considerable amount of time to make a quality mix of materials. The times are not standing still. Technology changes are improved.

With the advent of technological innovations emerged opportunity to develop and launch the work of the concrete mixing plants with high productivity. With time and space allotted for the construction of a concrete plant, fell sharply. Concrete plants began to be erected quickly and in the place where the building was organized. This also affected the cost of delivery of concrete and mortar at the construction site. Reduced complexity and the production of concrete and mortar. Heavy physical work was replaced controllers, computers, and other automation.

This also affected the quality of products. And it is now possible to produce higher quality concrete, with less labor intensity of production. With the growth of cities, industrial enterprises, increasing the number of buildings around them, there is a need to reduce costs to move product and materials from the site of production to the construction site. As is well known – demand creates proposal, the technical idea just had to give something new, so came to light mobile concrete plants on its own chassis. At the same performance as that of the stationary and mobile batching plants can be deployed in a few days on construction sites. Having made the necessary volume for the object of concrete, he could quiet way to travel for any distance and quickly turn on new construction site in a new place. The quality of the products remains high.