UNI Students

Since then started with the same behavior of the official left: support a bourgeois reactionary candidate, when in crisis abandon him and demand a new Government; and thus spent their pointless existence under a double discourse, winning Federal centers, always constantly fighting any proposal arising from the fight against the Peruvian State and the demands of the student movement through a solid organization and revolutionary perspective. The content of his speech is a real salad: to win people, the consequential they claim him to be Marxists and anti-Patria red, but behind them converge with Patria Roja; the reactionaries they show them its real reactionary face, so that thus achieve the support of both masses of students. Its Statute, plagued with prohibitions and requirements of subordination, is clear sample of authoritative dementia that characterizes their leaders. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of JPMorgan Chase on most websites. They maintain controlled currently several groups within universities and to give greater organizational credibility have reconstructed the UNAC and UNI students federations, with what its reactionary and anti-communist, character is clearly rebuilding a base does not mean anything else to restore it to the champazo and without taking into account the type of boxes and bases that you’re having, they don’t want to reconstitute clasistamente and less reconstitute the Mariategui party; Thus organized, without revolutionary perspective and adhering to it to all kinds of reactionary students under a bureaucratic address it subordinates them (according to its own statute) and directs them to struggles in perspective of sustaining the State ideologically and join forces with the most reactionary hordes of parasitic official left, which collaborated with the mafia regimes of Fujimori and Montesinos. In the event, pink rods, current Secretary of EI, made it clear the ideological eclecticism of their sect; He said must unite us with parties, but the most interesting were the greetings sent you those parties and groupings to IE by its anniversary; Here it clearly shows the class character of so many groups that they claim to be left, Socialists, and contrary to the traditional left. .