They will feel the abundance of vitality and expect to get results as soon as possible. At the same time in April will bring you many surprises. Some of your secrets of a sudden get publicity. You will become a subject of public discussion and will be constantly in the spotlight. Be careful if you want to hide some facts of his biography. But on the other hand, April – a very opportune time to correctly dispose of the flow of information and send it back on track, that might be for you very helpful. At the same time offer a pleasant surprise. Bring joy to children.

Your creativity potential is high. But be careful with money. By the end of April, something will change in your usual routine, regardless of you. And whatever you belonged to these changes, they are in the future will bring you satisfaction and success. TAURUS midst of spring will bring into your life some confusion. Want to make bold, unexpected and even change their lives. Sometimes it's really useful to relax and not think about what is happening around them. Stars advise you to simply enjoy life in this month, and trust in fate.

Fortune in April, all at your side, and it is unlikely you will soon suffers a significant nuisance. Credit: Marc Lautenbach-2011. April will be for Bulls is quite favorable period. Almost the entire month you'll be in good spirits and full of enthusiasm. Most of the Taurus will act, with solid support and the support of important people.