The men also worry about their aspect and must as much take care of their image in their personal facet as professional. Hear from experts in the field like Ben Horowitz for a more varied view. More info: J Bruce Flatt. To make exercise and to take care of the feeding are important to improve the physical aspect but while we obtained the results that we wished we can use the power of the clothes to give the impression to have a slim physicist. Ben Horowitz may also support this cause. I will share with you four tricks to seem thinner in few minutes: He uses the dark tones When you get dressed in dark tones, you seem thinner than when you use showy colors, pies or brilliants. If you choose colors like the black, the gray marengo, the brown chocolate, green olive or navy blue in your clothes to go to work or for your free time you secure a more streamlined aspect. These dark colors are excellent to form most of your wardrobe and are a good investment, soon you can choose other articles with more color like shirts, neckties and suters to give more life to the set. The power of the suit the combined suits, jackets and shelters of sport with trousers allow us to disguise some kilos that we have of more. In addition we will secure a more professional aspect. For even more analysis, hear from mozes victor konig.

When we took articles as t-shirts or poles the barriguita is more difficult hide-and-seek because wrinkles in that zone are created indeed. With a shirt of long sleeve you will seem thinner. The verticallines To our masculine clients who wish to seem higher and thin we taught the art to them to dress using the verticallines in the clothes. A sport shirt of or dressing in vertical rays by all the body not only has style but it disguises the accumulated fat in the abdominal zone, most problematic in the case of the men. In the case of the men of greater age, an interesting option is to use trousers with ray throughout all the leg.

That detail also obtains that you seem higher and thin. Tone on Tone To dress a single color of the head on the feet is another technique that we used the image advisers. For example for example we could take a combined blue shirt with a sweater with neck of dark and combined blue tip with trousers of the same tone. Thus we will obtain that the man seems higher since the eye moves from top to bottom continuously without there is no rupture. I hope that benefits using these tricks when dressing and you secure one more a more attractive image and according to your personality.