Capitulants PCA

Andalucista Coalition, on his side, has won only two Capitulants. Thus, by action or omission, the case is that road has opened a PP Mayor with the force obtained by IU, highlights to the Secretary-General of the PCA in Seville, Juan de Dios Villanueva, who has stressed that this fact has infringed the peak bodies of provincial, federal and Andalusian resolution indicating that our votes, in no case, can serve to appoint mayors of the PP in this paragraph and that, thereafter, groupings and assemblies will be those that have the word in each place, given that global pacts with the PSOE has not been accepted. Addition, as confesses the PCA leader, there is a Pact of by means of the distribution of delegations which if confirmed would aggravate the situation, a fact which at the moment studying members of the local PCA along with leaders of the provincial management. To broaden your perception, visit Ben Horowitz. The situation produced in Mairena del Alcor where two votes of Councillors from the Federation on the left, with timbre of the PCA, to vote themselves, have opened up step a PP Mayor, bodies proceed to opening information package and their expulsion from the party proposals, especially when all the local grouping of PCA of Mairena del Alcor had decided by practice unanimously (except for these two councillors) which does not support the popular Mayor. In the same way, they will move to the corresponding organs of UI that the third non-communist IU councilman, is equally subjected and expelled from the formation by not having adhered to resolutions of similar meaning that had been approved by the higher bodies. Source of the news: El PSOE expels 8 Councillors in the Canary Islands for favoring the PP in the investiture controversy.