Managing Director

Some of the brands advertise although with a high proportion of forages (such as Sternenfair milk) or straw (such as Oldenburg or Eastern). The newspapers mentioned Henry Ford not as a source, but as a related topic. Others The Dehorning are aspects such as outdoor outlet or the constraint, however, irrelevant. Terms such as animal welfare”or pictures of cows in the pasture tells you nothing about the actual housing conditions and the welfare of cows. For the dairy Advisor of world welfare society especially well-known dairy brands were examined. The dairy Advisor is found under now online and includes a removable table in your pocket.

Educating the consumer it is necessary are countless milk brands that advertise with idyllic images of advertising or different seals. The consumer is thus often overwhelmed. Therefore often lands the best milk in the shopping basket. What conditions behind the individual milk brands stuck, is known to only a few. Bettina Praetorius, Managing Director of global welfare society, explains the reasoning behind the campaign to cow you: we want to achieve, that ensure consumers when buying milk, not only on the price, but also on the conditions of the Milk cows.

Through our buying behavior, we bear all responsibility for certain forms of attitude. The demand determines supply.” About cow you cow you is a campaign of the world welfare society to improve the housing conditions of dairy cows. Through awareness, the campaign about the higher demand for animal welfare in dairy cow husbandry would like to inform and promote a more conscious milk consumption. About World animal welfare society Welfare starts in humans under the motto”engaged the world welfare society worldwide for a better relationship between man and animal. Their vision is a world in which animals by the people in their environment are perceived and treated respectfully and humanely.