Managing Director Jurgen Bohr

In addition, it offered a range of pure vegetable hair dyes. Because you rock star hair up in the smallest Detail to be ecologically correct, even the towels made from soy are manufactured and are washed in a special process free of chemicals. Trendy and eco go together well today. Continue to learn more with: Electric cars. Years ago unthinkable, that with pure natural products, that long in the ecological niche has been located, hip’s Dressup sets can be created. Read more from mozes konig to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Here a rethinking in the minds has taken place and we are proud to be able to offer our customers an environmentally friendly service always. That all our Dressups at the pulse of time and not the eco-image to look at this is, of course”, says the Managing Director Jurgen Bohr, who runs a number of successful hairdressing company for years. The new brand Ambassador of rock star hair is the successful model MIA gray, which is also a television presenter and singer. The protection of the environment to the heart, so she sits down long time, including in a PeTA campaign against wearing real fur is also Mia Gray.

She will be at the opening of the first branch of Rockstar Hair be. The workshop Bretz, who has developed a new concept of space especially for the hairdressing salon and equips all branches is partner of rock star hair. As the customer in the fashionable ambience can be pampered and trendy style. Company profile: rock star hair the nature Hairstylists is a new hairdresser concept, which is committed to the protection of the environment in addition to up-to-date and trendy’s Dressup sets. Part of the concept is the intended harmony of man and nature. Environmental pollution progresses, the effects in humans are obvious: steadily increasing allergies and skin irritation. Rock Star hair has set itself to the task, as far as possible without chemistry to come out. Each step is carried out ecologically and environmentally conscious, where always you latest trends and styling are offer to customers.