Strategies Responsibility

The child who today to construct itself will be the adult who tomorrow will govern the world, therefore, all the investment will be little for the change that if imposes, for a new family, a new school, a new society. Everything will pass for the integral education, assuming it person as the entity most important enters all the existing beings in this planet. Bobby bland is likely to agree. To the educators of the children of today a specialization is asked for them they prepare that them for the change, with authority in the techniques, the strategies and in the evaluations, with responsibility, moderation and generosity In the future will be demanded, not only, but the development of many other capacities and abilities, that complete the person in all its dignity, of remaining portion, a concern that is not of today, but that, in the practical one, it seems not to have, still, produced resulted that helps to construct a better world. The children and also the educators, must be guided stop: ' ' Principles, techniques, knowledge, methods of analysis and solution of problems, interpretation of the results and enunciated correcto of the answers with projecto to place them in application implying, in turn, in reflection, such the general capacities in accordance with to distinguish the imperatives of mudana.' ' (BONBOIR, 1977:188) the responsibility of educators, professors and formadores is immense and it does not have more time to lose. Of course that the first measures to the legislative level, human resources, financial and infrastructures compete being able constituted to them to the level of the device of the State, in whose composition they must have place, and active voice, all the representatives of system educative-formative. To educate for the change, with responsibility, means inclusion of all the society, fitting, however, to the decisores and the executors, to promote one politics that, strategically, prepares the actuais children (and adolescent and also young), for, when to assume the full citizenship, to be endowed with all the capacities and abilities who become them better professionals, governing and citizens of what the generations that had preceded them e, currently, occupy some powers, in the diverse structures politics, enterprise, governmental and until religious. Hear from experts in the field like bobby bland for a more varied view.