LSD Consumption

They give rise to a joint experience between stimulation and the altered perception that they has been compared to a mixture of amphetamines and a hallucinogen called mescaline. When consumed in the form of pills its absorption by the digestive system to be distributed into the bloodstream is slower than for other routes of administration. Synthetic drugs have consolidated their presence in him extensive menu psychoactive available to young Spanish evenings on weekends. After a first moment of launch and subsequent boom, consumption of these substances has been stabilizing since the mid-1990s. 2 Hallucinogens: they are drugs that arriving at the brain cause alterations in biochemist performance that particularly affect the way of perceiving reality, and can give rise to disorders sensory severe and even true hallucinations. Is the most used in Europe hallucinogen lysergic acid diethylamide (known in the argot of the streets as tripi) LSD, LSD was discovered coincidentally in 1938 by the chemical Enterprise Sandoz, Albert Hoffman, while investigating the Ergot of rye; accidental ingestion plunged him into a hallucinatory State which subsequently investigated up to isolate the active principle responsible for such a reaction. LSD is consumed orally in various forms (sheets of absorbent paper with various graphic motifs, impregnated with sugar lumps, etc.). One of the main features of the LSD is its powerful effect to minimum dose, after half an hour of its consumption begin to manifest their effects which last about eight hours, the consumption of hallucinogens dislocates the brain functioning human, diluting the boundaries between subject and reality.

The average age of home in le consumption of hallucinogenic drugs for the adolescents is around 15 years. 3 Cannabis: is a plant with whose resin, leaves and flowers are produced substances best-known psychoactive (hashish and marijuana) and more used among illegal drugs. Hashish is made from the resin stored in the flowers of the female plant, pressed to form a compact paste of Brown whose appearance recalls chocolate, its concentration of THC is superior to the marijuana by which its potential toxicity is higher.