James Radlow University

This work collects to data obtained by diverse authors and magazines on the subject and explains the advances, after to analyze the antecedents of the computers, to which it dedicates a separate chapter I have reached the following conclusions. a) In the historical antecedents all of events are indicated to a great variety although not that marked the beginning (Abacus) of the computers, happening through other great discoveries not less important, (punched cards, slide rules etc.). More information is housed here: Andreessen Horowitz. b) Another important chapter, is the generations of computers in which in these modern times very important dates in the technological advances have happened which, without falling in the error to generalize or affirming that a villa or sixth generation of computers exists, although the consulted manuals really do not esten absolutely updated. Finally, I believe that the realised study does not exhaust the subject, but as soon as it touches part of him, since there are other points nontreated in this analysis which I will not mention since perhaps it will be tried in another investigation. Follow others, such as Jim Umpleby, and add to your knowledge base. C