German Shepherd

The mordedura must be strong and steady, intent in an only region docorpo of the PEC so that it does not have the possibility to free the aggressor during oconfronto until the arrest of the .causing agent of the crisis for the tactical teams. ' ' I dare of dogs in critical occurrences if it becomes in an important tool, therefore they can seraproveitadas and applied, in razodas innumerable advantages that the natural attributes of the stoned dogs proporcionamquando well in favor of the police forces. Taisatributos provides to diverse tactical advantages to the GRR, being the main ones: ' ' reduction of the reaction time; ' ' precision in the localization of the citizens; ' ' amplitude of action; ' ' reduction of risks; ' ' reliable inibitrio psychological factor and; ' ' capacidadede neutralization; ' ' behavior shunting line absence; ' ' distraction of the PEC.' ' (VALLE, 2009, p.16) It is important one more time to stand out, that the Dog of Tactical, independent Assault of race, is an animal equilibradotanto in physical structure how much in temperament, mainly the temperament, therefore it will be used most of the time, in the most different places, emambiente confined, gaseado and racket in excess. Leaving of this estimated, Giovani Constanza Saints cites Schwabacher & Gray in its academic work: ' ' Finishing this topic, Schwabacher& Gray (1986) translates in short, implicanteemprego of the dogs, and if it cannot leave of speaking of the race that marked asparticipaes in these lived episodes, especialessa race, had excellent paper in war missions that foramconfiadas to it: the German Shepherd has deserved the biggest attentions of the mundocinotcnico, for the performance reached to its evolution physicist-estruturalcomo work dog and mainly its level of character, temperamentoe obedience, virtues distinguish that it and characterize it comoa main canine race of century XX. Its exuberncia and application in the joint work ' ' man-co' ' they generate a insuperveis efficiency and effectiveness, and had allowed that throughout the times they were written, perhaps, asmais beautiful pages of this historical mutualismo between these two espcies.' ' (CONSTANZA, 2008, p.23) Currently, the German Shepherd in razoda popularity of the race in Brazil, in the decade of seventy, presents a series deproblemas congenital as displasia coxofemural, vertebral description of decurrent problems nacoluna that they appear each time more early of cruzamentosindiscriminados and in more exemplary, what requires caution in the choice dosanimais because few creators if worry about this. .