Light Ruler

Year for the Scorpions and Skorpionok comes pretty strange. Recall the classic "all mixed up in a house Oblonskys" – would be appropriate to say "the house of Scorpio. The fact that the year is replete with the influence of two different, opposite in temperament, but similar in its effect on humans and the world powers – Fire and Water-Sun, Light Ruler 2011-radiates heat, bestows warmth and fans a feeling. Jupiter is in its cloister night, in Pisces and in elements of water (to which applies to you), affects soft, helps with laziness and inspires slowly. One should remember that the sun – the second, "night" ruler of Scorpio. Your star sign reveals its hidden, passive, internal quality – and this year it will be for you, rather, singing lullabies, but not ignite a sense of excitement and risk. And your chief steward, "hope and support," Pluto is permanently settled in the sign of Capricorn – where he added militancy and extreme. So for the Scorpion and Skorpionok – untilled field accomplishments, but also the illusions and empty of emotion, not just the business mistakes, but also business wins.

Yea, like a quilt, bring good luck in business, related to education, professional development, but it will be good for business. At Scorpion many new contacts, it is easy to be acquired the necessary contacts, the business will expand. Year filled with travel, interesting meetings, Scorpios will find new areas of application of force. It is possible – sometimes even necessary – to make drastic changes in career status, change jobs, to revise the main goal However, we must act planned, very deliberately and carefully weigh all possible alternatives. And no Impromptus