Hydrants are intended for the abstraction of water from water supply to extinguish fires, they are often also used for land reclamation. Hydrants should be installed so that he was in hiding, in which fire can not penetrate, the water supply networks on the surface. Hydrants can be divided into surface and underground. Ground mounted on the surface of the earth in the water supply system and most often represent the hydrants, speakers, mounted in the same underground water wells, in addition, they require the installation of speakers at the surface. Hydrant consists of a mounting head, valve box and riser. Usually with a fire hydrant using a column having a valve for opening a hydrant, and two off, to which are attached fire hoses. To ensure proper operation of hydrants, you need to perform basic fire safety rules: * fire alarm system Water should always be checked for serviceability and contain the necessary amount of water to extinguish the reporting facility; * facts support and check the fire water system must reflect a special act; * protect the fire hydrant of ice and snow, heated it in the winter time; * provide a hydrant possibility of free movement of fire equipment at any time of day and night * for the entrance to the hydrant installed special signs that inform about the direction of this fire fighting equipment. Signs must be reflective of the surface * for fire hydrants hydrant should be available in the trunks and branches As to internal fire protection system water supply. .