FIFA Hotels

For example: passarela will be constructed one binding the quarters of the Tijuca and They are Cristvo. The passage that before was done in 20 the 30 minutes, depending on the schedule, with this workmanship will be made around 10. Highways will be extended and estacionamentos for cars and bus they will be constructed, improving the transit of all the region. They are the two events moving with the routine of the population, without they give account, the least at a first moment. But this nor always is a positive point.

She is necessary to study if all this structure will be used to advantage later, or it will be play, without being used to advantage. Great examples of ‘ ‘ elephants-brancos’ ‘ they do not lack in them. The Stade de France, constructed in the suburb of Paris for the Pantry-98 is an example of this. As all the teamses of the French capital already possess stadium, after the Pantry of that year, it were abandoned. In the case of Brazil this problem exists in city-headquarters that does not possess teamses in the elite of the national soccer, as Cuiab and Manaus. Already when we speak of cities as Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo, the stadiums not they run this risk. The two cities possess some teamses who dispute the two main divisions of the Brazilian championship.

In them, the great candidates if to become elephant-whites are similar hotels, store and that will be raised for the Pantry and the Olimpadas. Speaking only of the River: the FIFA, amongst other requirements, compels that hotels of high standard are constructed in a ray of 5 the 10 km of each stadium that will receive games from the Pantry. All these enterprises, that in its majority will be raised pressas, say, will be used to advantage later that the events to finish and the tourists will be? A hotel of this transport, constructed, for example, in a quarter as Is Cristvo, where the income of the population does not pass of R$ 3 a thousand, will be supported? The region has tourist points and is of easy access the point to attract people of the world all of course? They are things that have of being studied. In case that contrary, 600 million will be R$, without counting the other investments, badly applied, played in the garbage. What it can happen it is a seen phenomenon already in other cities that had passed for seemed situations: the prices, as much of property as of hotels, store and restaurants before to go up and during the Pantry and the Olimpadas, and later falling down disastrously from a high place a time that the local population, passed the events, does not have purchasing power to buy luxury property or to frequent hotels five stars. The same research of the Ibope that also measured the interest of the Brazilians in the Pantry-2014 concluded that 73% of them follow the notice on the event through the television. Then it is good for being of eye in the reporter, to know until point the events will affect its lives, and more important, if the investments are being made in the correct way. If they will not be is good for remembering that in 2014, beyond Pantry of the World, also it has elections.