Latin America

The economic vulnerability is reduced as the alliances grow. In the areas of free commerce the tariffs are eliminated. 8. It looks for a market common in Latin America in order to cause the integration of the South.

Threats: 1. when lowering the prices of the crude one investments are decreased and can represent breach in the commercial agreements. 2. If one does not look for to obtain wealth in the multilateral agreements, will bring like consequences insostenibilidad in the time of the negotiations. 3. The main entrance obtained in the country is through petroleum which us makes vulnerable in the case that the prices are below the considered thing. 4. Of not obtaining fast return of the investments the risk is run of which the investments become paralyzed for the modernization of the installed plants of production in the country.

5. Although in the commercial agreements they exist the technology transference, we will always be technological employees, unless we develop our own technology The certain thing indicates Jose Manuel to us Grove, that there is much to do in this field of the foreign trade, in his two slopes (negotiations and promotion) to not know it would be a serious error. We do not forget that there are campaigns from the North and of our powerful enemies to generate an isolation situation international of our country, that from all the angles and fronts we have to fight (with intelligence, sense of the course and capacity); nothing is trivial, neither can nor must be neglected, nor leave to the improvisation and inexperience. refrescamiento and perhaps a thorough reconstruction and conscientiously with respect to all the tie institutionality to this thematic one of the foreign trade, seems to become an urgent necessity.