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The new Web portal Weiterbildungsmarkt.at creates an overview for those interested in education and the human resources development training market is online since end of November 2011. The new continuing education portal combines latest Web technology with an intelligent search logic and a fresh and appealing design. The search filter that are specifically defined for each area provide a targeted and this time-saving search. Andrea Jindra, CEO about the benefits of the new portal: “the big advantage of Weiterbildungsmarkt.at is that we offer everything from one source decision-makers in companies. Regardless of whether the visitor on our site trainer, speaker, are looking for coaches, institutions with open or in-house training measures or consultancy and service provider – they find it with just a few clicks. You will receive up-to-date information in a concise form and can record if you are interested just contact with providers.” For companies in the advanced vocational training and human resources development, the new education portal offers the advantage quickly and easily by Decision makers in companies and interested persons found to be. Andrea Jindra about the importance of the Internet presence provider in the provision of training on portals: in addition to the personal recommendation of the search in the Internet is already the second most important aspect of a decision making with decision makers. Now, the Web is also the most important way to get an overview of the market, ahead of magazines or trade fairs.

The portals offer the advantage to get an overview of the market quickly, simply and clearly, and to identify individual interesting companies or individuals.” On Weiterbildungsmarkt.at you can coach, coaches, speaker, training institutions and service providers either sign up with a free basic profile and thus easier be found than even the cost-efficient online marketing solutions for an optimal presentation on the portal. In contrast, Weiterbildungsmarkt.at relies on a strong branding for many other continuing education portals in Austria. Andrea Jindra on the Objective: Weiterbildungsmarkt.at will quickly known in the relevant target groups. We have also a high recognition effect with our memorable Chameleon. With a reputable and also fresh and dynamic performance, we are perceived by decision-makers as a professional portal. Thus, the base is created. On this basis we focus on search engine optimization, online marketing, smart use of social media, as well as cooperation with strong partners.” The training portal is maintained by the A & W Bildungsmarkting KG. Shareholders are the consulting and Training Institute the education MANAGER, SEEKYOU strategy consulting Strategy and brand consultancy, as well as the Design Studio dark. Note: Mag. Andrea Jindra E-mail: mobile: 71 85 Web: