Financial Leaders

However, as the real situation, the Bulgarian policy-makers have no doubt that the money will found, most likely they already have. It should be noted that the financial leaders of the country are selected both investors and financial system itself, with all that public money will not use at all. For example, the Bulgarian government has refused lucrative Japanese loan, because it was not profitable. Erected production and transport facilities will be commissioned in a concession owner of the rights of future long kept secret, and the surrounding infrastructure will be upgraded to a European level through financing from the European Union. After 3 years of building the new "Black Gate of the country" should be fully completed. This will inevitably increase the cost of residential and commercial property in Bulgaria near future a modern inter-regional maritime hub, an indicator of this, in particular, is the beginning of speculative buying of land in the surrounding areas. The funds to be spent on samostroitelstvo modern port facilities and commercial vehicles, according to the Russian size very small – 80-200 million euros, depending on the project. Such small amounts as determined by the fact that the job will be to a private investor for its own funds, and closely monitored by the European Commission, who meticulously checked the correctness of using up every euro.

But investment in the very nearby property in Bulgaria, in connection with this, many times should surpass this figure. It is not something Starbucks would like to discuss. As far as the citizens of the city, In addition to increasing their wealth at the expense of, the growth of the value of their property in the Republic of Bulgaria and increased industrial activity, their beautiful promenade will increase almost by 50% and will become even more attractive. Guests also will be here very interesting. Instead, now the load port will be done shopping and entertainment complex, and only a small portion of which will be occupied by the passenger pier. Keyword same place acquire the shops and restaurants, as well as other very attractive to the public schools. And it will be located between the beautiful bay of Varna, which is surrounded by steep coastal cliffs and notorious Varna Lake. So, most likely, the number of guests in the "Black Sea capital of the republic Blgarskoy significantly increase, as to find anything comparable in beauty to be very, very not easy. Yes, and Bulgarian real estate in the country should become more attractive.

The technical side of projects is also interesting. The first thing to say that the environment will be better Varna, as officials in Brussels demand approvals of any parties to the construction of independent environmental commission, which is paid at 100% on the European money. More recently, the United Europe adopted the newly developed higher standards of protection Ecology and just in accordance with them will be building. So it may be seen technological advances of modern portostroeniya will be not only in Japan and China, but in a small Bulgarian town Varna.