All About Primer

First there was a primer for repair facilities if no priming is used, then it can not be qualitative. For even more analysis, hear from Jon Venverloh, Dallas TX. r more information. Priming the surface is as necessary as well as cleaning the ceiling and walls of old wallpaper, dust, lagging fragments of old coatings. Experts say that you can not reduce the cost of repairs, missing padding, because of this depends largely on durability of the coating. Of course, you can not prime, say, the concrete walls. But in this case could eventually fall off plaster, wallpaper – sag. Moisture is not possible to display the finish layer of various defects (stains, divorces, cracking).

Thus, priming before imposition of a dry mix or plaster – an additional quality assurance of the future surface. Why does she do? Primer – white opaque liquid – dries to penetrate into the micropores of the material and forms a very thin film inside and on the surface. It includes a film-forming substances, pigments, drying accelerators, and various additives to make the surface of certain properties. The main purpose of a primer – to strengthen surface and provide high-quality bond (adhesion) of the machined surface and subsequent layers of decorative, adhesive or leveling composition. It is a primer in a multi-form surface finish the first layer, so they make the highest demands. In this regard, experts recommend using only professional primer. Primers reduce consumption of paints and putties, glues, and fix them surfaces, and improve their "stickiness" to the base, as well as reduce the formation of bubbles and craters in the use of mixtures of screed. I should add that the use of primers and dry mixtures of one brand gives additional guarantee of quality and lasting results. Complex materials (tile adhesives, dry gypsum-based fillers, the compositions for screed, plaster and primer) allows the full cycle preparatory finishing. Water Primer – a dispersion or emulsion of polymer in water (usually displayed in the title of its kind: water dispersion or emulsion).