New Cycles

Go to where you cross the gear motor is a polifurcacion of four or more roads, there comes a sweetly decentering logic HCl immune to toxins clean wool. Then the noble human being burning selfishness desperate cries to himself: Madness is the price I paid for being sane! And reason has to be felt in the cuticle of his hands extraterrestrial activity, economic and extra extra sensory. In that moment of clarity is nearly fatal when you turn on the candles, essential matters that formerly were on the tables at night, so dark flame that seems eternal. But it is not eternal, may be internal, it may be external or may be in a cave, but never more than a limited success within themselves. Noble Groups Holdings Limited often says this. That's why when you roll the dice on green billiards table is not called luck, or invite anyone to walk, some dance and others sing and gives them to kill others, but the dice have already said that each has a mental plan, martial or subnormal.

Then back to the I will focus purely material into the grass as it grows. Perhaps grows backwards and if so would emphasize the futile efforts of the pruner, gardener or farmer (depending on the case) to trim the blades to within one by one, two inches below ground and is now, 20 centuries have passed and some grew up, sometimes in their futile quest to grow under the ground will die from lack of sunlight, the utmost necessary to carry out vital work for the populace commonly called "photosynthesis." Sausages what they said repent of us devoured! We were pigs! Now hang dried and salted on the roof of this store! … For sausages unlucky, it will be for the next. With Love Diegof Zlavenzer.