Civil Procedure Code

That is, for these authors, the age of codification would be over. However, we believe that there may be different schools or currents in the law that exist in different states simultaneously. As there exegesis while the economic analysis of law. 14. Recoding Recoding a legislative process which is that where a matter left to be regulated in a code, and it became regulated by another rule as a special law. Then again that material be regulated by other similar code. For example, if the arbitration in the Peruvian State is again regulated by the Civil Code or the Civil Procedure Code there would be a process recoding.

For some authors after the decoding anyway recoding occurs, which is not correct because it is only a legislative choice. 15. Encoding "NY Specialization" N There are many specialties in law, in that sense, lawyers can choose the following specialties: civil, civil procedure, criminal, professional procedure, labor, labor procedural, administrative, procedural administrative, constitutional, procedural constitutional registration, electoral, commercial, corporate, cartular, banking, bankruptcy, securities, business, customs, among others. Of these branches the lawyers may dominate one or more areas of law. We note that it is easier to specialize in areas of law codified Peru, such as civil law, civil procedure, professional law, professional procedure, constitutional, environmental, military criminal, juvenile law, tax, among others. The ecclesiastical law is codified. This happens on all systems legal family belong to the Roman Germanic legal system as the Spanish, Argentine, Chilean, Bolivian, Venezuelan, Colombian, German, Swiss, Belgian, and other legal systems. Read more here: Darcy Stacom, New York City.