5.5.Pravo ownership of the land We do not have such a right, there is no legal basis for definition of the principle of reciprocity. Russian law does not allow Turkish citizens to acquire land, respectively, the Turkish legislation meets the same. Will Duma law allows Turkish citizens to buy land in Russia, and we will be able to acquire Turkish lands. Only under the laws of inheritance is possible option of a land ownership. The land on which stands the acquired object property shall be made in long-term lease for 49 or 99 years. 5.6.Peredacha ownership right of ownership without any restrictions can be transferred to a Russian or Turkish nationals, except for some restrictions related to the personality of the citizen. 5.7.Nasledovanie property in case of death of property owner, rightful property will be transferred to the legal heirs. In accordance with the international law on inheritance apply the national law of the testator, respectively, on immovable property situated in the territory of the Republic of Turkey Turkish law applies.

The provisions of discovery, receipt and distribution of the inheritance subject to the law of the place where the legacy. When you pass an inheritance to the heirs of the Turkish law applies. " In Turkey, after the death of the testator, should necessarily go to court and obtain a document of inheritance, without this information can not perform other operations. Such a document containing information about the heirs and received in Russia, can be used in Turkey as evidence in court at the opening of a hereditary cause.