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Guidelines for operation of the vehicle – a small, but absolutely indispensable thing in the premises of any driver. It is obvious that every car owner wants his car served as long and efficiently. For this and need the manual. What makes manual, for example, benefits from repair? Size. If you just want to know how to work this or that detail how to use it, but do not want dig into the motor and self-repairing his car – then you need just a guide. Why buy a huge Talmud repair, if first and foremost your own car you want to operate correctly? Content. In the manual there is no detailed description of each parts of the car. But there are tips for all occasions, the most important component drawings and descriptions of how they work.

What's in your car, how it works, what part can fail first and how to properly handle every detail – this is what must be a competent manual manual. The shape of the material. Manuals written in detail, clearly and simply. To ensure that every car owner could use his machine with the mind. Goals. Studied from cover to cover instruction manual – the first step from the beginner to the motorist "The old man, an auto mechanic." But still, the main aim of the guidance manual – simple, affordable and competently explain what, how and why it works in your car. And, of course, how to make sure that every detail worked for more than a year – without linings and problems.